Monday, August 1, 2011

Laughter Remembered.

August has arrived and with it we pay tribute to all the women who have, are and will make a difference in society. 

Today, we pay tribute to all the female artists and poets who participated in AFH's "Women for Children" Portfolio.  The portfolio consists of 25 artworks ad poems by women from around the world. The aim of the project was to advocate through art the unfortunate issues our women and children are faced with.  

Today, we look at the work of Louise Almona South African artist who graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Art in 1981 from Rhodes University. She was an anti-apartheid activist who through her work as an artist portrayed the struggles South Africans and the youth of South Africa were facing. 

"Laughter remembered" by Louise Almon

Almon's work displays the the relationship between a "child's feeling of total love and the security and comfort of a free woman." The work shows the importance of love and happiness.  About "Laughter Remembered," Almon says, "In the moment captured in the image, intensive happiness and comfort in relationships can be seen, nurtured and embraced."

Along with the artwork is a poem by Myesha Jenkins, who posses a BA degree from the University of California. Jenkins began writing poetry when she immigrated to South Africa in 1993 and works in community development. 

My sweet girl

by Myesha Jenkins

it is the vulnerability of your innocence that I vow to protect.
For I value the peace that I find in your laughter
seek courage in the fierceness of your tight hug
am inspired by the directness of your truth.
In you I see myself as you learn and grow
full of opinions and impossible questions
running into the wildness of your own imagination.
Playing is the only work you should know
passionate about living you sing with the birds
sleeping dreams of future worlds.
You make me human again.

 Xihleko lexi tsundzukekaka

 Xitsonga tranlsation: T Baloyi

 Mpama ya mina
 I xichavo xa ku hlantsweka ka wena leswi ndzi lavaka ku swi sirhelela.
 Hikuva  ndzi xixima ku rhula loku ndzi ku kumaka eka xihleko xa wena lexi
 kumaka nsusumeto wa ntsindziyelo wa swandla swaku!
 Ndzi tsakisiwa hi kongomelo ra ntiyiso wa wena
 Eka wena ndza tivona, loko u ri  karhi u dyondza no hlakulela miehleketo ni
 swivutiso leyi ya swa vu chavela-whawha!
 Ku huhwa hi wona ntirho lowu u wu tivaka,
 Ku rhandza ku famba u karhi u yimbelela na tinyenyana
 loko ti lora tiko ra mundzuku
 u ndzi endla ndzi titwa vumunhu nakambe

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