Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Art and Social Justice School workshop held at Bashokuhle Primary School

Learners with AFH Facilitator, Lethuxolo Langa analysing
the banner
On the 14 May, Art for Humanity headed to Umlazi’s BB Section to host the second Art and Social Justice School Workshop for 2012 at Bashokuhle Higher Primary School. 

The workshop started at 10:30 am and consisted of an exuberant 40 learners from grades 5, 6 and 7.  The workshop was facilitated by AFH Director Jan Jordaan, Manager, Lungile Gumede, Art administrator Lethuxolo Langa, Media Administrator Thireshni Sanasy and Poet Brian Gumede.  The workshop began with an introduction by Jan Jordaan, thereafter the learners were taken to the banner installed on their school building by AFH. The banner showcased the artwork “The Sound of an African Drum” by Nigerian artist Joseph Madisia, together with a poem also entitled “The Sound of an African Drum” by Luness Mpunwa-MhlopeThe gathering of learners led to much excitement and most of the students were not afraid to voice their opinions concerning their interpretation of the artwork and poetry. 

A learner during the workshop
Once the learners were back in the classroom, they got down to documenting their ideas and thoughts in the form of art and poetry.  Creating artwork on various social topics such as aids, violence and abuse, the young learners proved to show great knowledge and observation to the problems around them.  Grade 6 learner, Nosipho Decarlos said, “My artwork is about blooded hands and people fighting with each other and killing each other as Africans.”  She added that she would really like for AFH to host another workshop because through the workshop she has a chance of showing her talent. 

The response from the learners during the workshop were all positive and most of the students showed much excitement towards the workshop.  12 year old Thuli said, “I think the workshops are good because they make our dreams come true.”
Vuyisile Mqedlano (12) reciting her poem
 The poet, Brian Gumede took the spotlight as he performed poetry.  The crowd which consisted off the learners and various subject educators were impressed with his performance.    Brian set the tone for the learners performances as they showed no shyness when having to recite their original poetry.  A grade 7 seven learner, Thuli recited her poetry which was based on “people selling their bodies and their lives”  she made mention of how young girls today dress in short skirts and do not realise that their morality is being lost by their choice of fashion.   

Tiny Vuyisile Mqedlano (12) also of grade 7 showed off her drawing of the South African Flag and wrote a poem based on the significance of the flag.  Adding that she thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.

The workshop ended with AFH facilitator Lethuxolo Langa being flanked by the learners who wanted a hug and to know of the return date of AFH.  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Art for Humanity (AFH) shall be hosting an Art and Social Justice School workshop at Bashokuhle Primary School (BB Section, Umlazi) at 11:00 on Friday (11/05/2012). 

Banner installed 
Bashokuhle Primary School is one of the schools chosen for the AFH Art and Social Justice Workshops 2012.  The 2 hour long workshops are in aim to advocate human rights and social justice issues through art and poetry and allow the learner’s the freedom to fully embrace their creative and imaginative side, by expressing themselves freely through art and poetry. 
The Art and Social Justice School workshops have had all positive reviews in the past and this project has been in operation since 1998 with workshops being held at various schools within KwaZulu-Natal.   

About the workshop
The Art and Social Justice School Workshop consist of a permanent high quality banner being installed on the school premises which visualises art and poetry from AFH projects/portfolios, in the case of Bashokuhle Primary School, two banners were installed on request.   The workshop is facilitated by AFH Director- Jan  Jordaan, Manager- Lungi Gumede, Art Administrator- Lethu Langa, Media Administrator – Thireshni Sanasy and Hip Hop Poet – Brian Gumede.   
The workshop, depending on the size of the group of learners, 20 - 40, the group is divided into two, (i.) the art group and (ii.) the poetry group. The artists will then workshop with the learners facilitating their response through their own drawings and paintings to the art and the messages. (AFH supplies the art materials and paper.)

Banner installed within the school building 
The poet in turn facilitate the learners responses to the poem on display through the learners own interpretation of the poem. Art for Humanity journalism and fine art interns/students from the respective Durban University of Technology departments assist the pupils to create their own responses to the art and poetry banners on display at the participating schools.

A representative from the South African Human Rights Commission also gives a presentation to the learners and a discussion takes place on the importance of human rights and responsibilities. 

Refreshments for the learners are provided by AFH and Learners present their art and poetry, resulting from the workshop, to the rest of the learners, teachers present and the AFH facilitators. 

Below are images of the Banners which was installed on the premises of Bashokhule Primary School 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Art and Social Justice School Workshops 2012 Set to Take off!

It is that time of the year again, when Art for Humanity sets out on our adventurous Art and Social Justice school workshops!  Our first stop for the year is at Umbilo Secondary in Wentworth on the 05 May! 
School Banner installed Bonela Secondary 

Ogwini Technical School learners during the 2010 workshop
The Art and Social Justice School workshops was formed in 1998, and are in aim to advocate human rights and social justice issues through art and poetry within schools.  Each school receives a large banner which has artwork and poetry from the various AFH projects such as 'Women for Children, Break the Silence, UDHR and the Dialogue Among Civilizations Print Portfolios.  The workshop then consists of AFH facilitators assisting a group of learners whilst they participate in the workshop by making art and writing poetry which the finally perform to the class at the end.  In the past four years, AFH has hosted numerous workshops through out the KwaZulu-Natal area and the response from educators and learners of the schools have up to date been phenomenal, with many of the schools asking for us to return.  Learners who had lacked confidence took to the stage of the school workshops performing poetry and showing off the artwork they had done.  

AFH shall be hosting a minimum of 13 Art and Social Justice school workshops this year! if you wish for more information on the workshops, please email us at afh@dut.ac.za 

AFH Director Jan Jordaan with learners during a 2010 workshop