Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Help Somalian Refugees!

Millions have been affected by the instability that Somalia is now facing, with Somalian refugees having to take plight in Kenya and Ethiopia.

To  assist the refugees and make a difference in their lives, click HERE.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Madiba!!

By Kailene Pillay

18 July, 93 years ago, a distinguished leader, father and friend was born. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born in a little village Mvezo located in the district of Umtata. Christened as Rolihlahla at birth, which means "troublemaker", his English name Nelson was given to him by his teacher.
Mandela was the first person in his family to attend school. He furthered his studies at Fort Hare University which is the place he met lifelong friend Oliver Tambo. Later in his life, he studied Bachelor of Laws while in prison.

After the 1948 election, Mandela became actively involved in politics. In this time he also started a law firm with fellow lawyer Oliver Tambo, providing free or low cost legal counsel.
He was committed to non-violence resistence, aka: Satyagraha- influenced by Mahatma Ghandi. Mandela along with 150 others were arrested on 5 December 1956 for treason which later became well known as the Treason Trial.

Mandela has been in and out of prison, Robben Island being the longest where he remained there for 18 of his 27 years in prison. It was in prison that he became known as the most significant black leader in the country.

Friederik Willem de Klerk, President of South Africa at the time, announced the release of Nelson Mandela in February 1990. In that same month, de Klerk reversed the ban on the ANC and other anti-aparthied organisations. Between 1990 and 1994 Mandela led the country to their first multi-racial election.

Mandela was inaugurated as President of South Africa on 10 May1994.

His humanitarian efforts do not go unnoticed. Mandela is a not only a political leader and freedom fighter, but also a human rights activist. He holds dear to him the education of children, the building of schools in rural areas and HIV/AIDS campaigns to name a few. Mandela day is focused on broadening humanitarian work. A particular humanitarian project which is close to Madiba's heart is the Nelson Mandela's Children Fund which started in 1995.

Mandela, known lovingly as 'Tata Madiba' by the people of the world, is one of the greatest, most significant, honest, loyal and hard working men of our time. We celebrate this special day with him by giving our time to the less fortunate. This day is dedicated to do good, just as Tata Madiba has taught us. This day is a hope to inspire people to embrace the values that Mandela shared.

The Art for Humanity team would like to wish Mr Nelson Mandela a very happy 93rd Birthday and our blessings and good wishes upon him, always.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

June/July 2011 Newsletter

Art for Humanity: what is art?

AFH defines art as that which is created to inspire all of humanity with freedom of  expression, the quest for excellence, pride, dignity, and respect for individual rights,  reflection and heritage. In this month’s issue:

 Dialogue among Civilizations News
      - Dialogue Among Civilizations Book Launch
      - Dialogue Among Civilizations Exhibition KZNSA Gallery 2011
      - Dialogue Among Civilizations Exhibition Leeds 2011
      - Profile:   Berry Bickle

Women for Children News
      - Gabisile Nkosi Remembered (4 February 1974 - 27 May 2008)
      - Youth Day 16 June 2011
      - “Precious Cargo” by Ernestine White
      - DUT Students view on Youth Day 2011

Break the Silence News
      - 5th SA AIDS Conference - June 2011
      - Art work: Yehoshua Comforting an Aids Victim by Mduduzi Xakaza

 General News
     - ASJ Conference
     - Nelson Mandela Day – 18 July 2011

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Warm Regards,
Thireshni Sanasy and Kailene Pillay
AFH Media Team

Wednesday, July 6, 2011