Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Freedom of Speech for Gambian Activists

by Njabulo Ngobese

The actions of Gambian president Yahya Jammeh hold very little credibilty for a man who is acting within the rights of his people or his country. Taking a stance at defending a throne he seized with little or no ethical code of conduct, the masses who have been up in arms in protests to have him overthrown from governance have suffered in the hands of a ruthless leader who has passed punishment as severe as the death penalty.

This is a call of note to the international community of social and humanitarian activists to step in & rescue these innocent patriots who are now on the verge of being executed for doing the right thing. If social justice appeals to Gambia's High Commissioner, Elizabeth Ya Eli Harding then there's no doubt in anybody's mind that those who have been involved in plans of overthrowing Yahya's leadership can be granted a chance to democratically state their reasons for taking such measures against its governance.

The state of journalism is currently under threat globally due to the fact that the media has been known to be a credible medium for change when it comes to influencing the perceptions of society in general. In situations like Gambia, the full force of the media has been suppressed to defend and preserve unethical political & social agendas that do not serve the interest of the Gambian people. The change for a fair and democratic society lies in the hands of those who are prepared to make a difference in this world by empowering the concept of Freedom of Speech.

For those who wish to make a difference and sign the petition for Freedom of Speech in Gambia, click here

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