Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A  Colourful Mix
By Nicole Hodnett

Amadou Kane-Sy (Artist) and Marouba Fall (Poet) – Senegal
When we think of inter-racial we automatically think of it as leftovers of the apartheid epidemic. In order for the people of society to be truly defined as democratic, we need to see each other as people, not colour.

According to the Urban Dictionary, inter-racial relates to marriage, relationships or dating between races. In the 2000 census, there were 1.6 million inter-racial marriages in America. This number has undoubtedly increased.

According to African History, The Prohibition of Mixed marriages act no 55 of 1949; forbid marriages between whites and other races. Between 1946 and the enactment of this law, only 75 mixed marriages had been recorded, compared with 28000 white marriages.

Esther Saunders, a 20 year old student from the University of Natal gave her thoughts on what inter-racial relationships mean to her.

University of Kwazulu Natal Student-Esther Saunders
“Inter-racial relationships definitely can be a beautiful thing provided that the 2 people don’t see each other for the colour they are, but as the person they love”, she said.

An artist of the Dialogue Project,Amadou Kane- sy ,describes that Human relation geography has been in existence for a very long time. This has happened naturally and in line with the initial natural design of a desired process of a better human evolution.

Break the Silence initiative gives artists and poets a unique opportunity to use their talents to advocate these significant messages to the community

Gabisile Nkosi,an artist based in KwaZulu Natal, believes an African proverb that says.
Amadou Kane-Sy (Artist)

‘If you want to hide something from a black man, write it in black and white”. To convey this message, Nkosi said,” It is better to do a colourful visual, rather than to use text”

This is a great representation of what the great Mandela have been fighting for more than a decade. If we truly see each other for the people we are and not the colours we are, the earth will be blessed and prosperous.

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