Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Artists for Humanity

By Nicole Hodnett
Marjorie Maleka "This is my story"
Etching & oil pastel 424 x 371mm

Abuse can be of a physical, emotional or verbal nature. It is intimidation on another individual, yearning for control and intrusion into another’s psyche. The Bill of rights states our human entitlement to equal protection.

According to Psychology today emotional abuse is anything that intentionally hurts the feelings of another person.

The 16 days of activism for no violence against women and children is an international campaign that takes place every year from November 25th to December 10th.This period also includes Universal Children’s day and World Aids day.
Art for Humanity Director,Jan Jordaan gave his view on the abuse of women.
"Women have the right to freely express themselves and a right to say no. If women do not speak out they will be treated like objects”, he said.
While many women across the world fight for better wages, women in Saudi Arabia can’t even take a paid job without the permission of a male guardian. According to Emaj magazine the norms of Saudi Arabia constitute the Kingdoms official laws and regulations. The laws are based on religious decrees .Religious police control every aspect of a women’s life in Saudi Arabia.

According to BBC News, a prominent Saudi television presenter made international headlines when she permitted to newspapers to print horrific images she had allegedly sustained from her husband back in 2004.

 Through an expression of art, the Women for Children project was created in light of any unspoken topic. Art for Humanity has provided platforms to Freedom of expression.

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