Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Art for Humanity School Workshop-Morningside Primary

By Nicole Hodnett
Banner of Dialogue Project

Learners described their artwork and poetry as imaginative, believing and different. Learners from age 12 went beyond their imagination when it came to relaying their thoughts on the world.

Art for Humanity held an art workshop at Morningside primary on June 14th 2012.Learners expressed their feelings about the world through artwork and poetry.

Tashen Naidoo.13 years old, expressed his thoughts on the importance of freedom. He described the workshop as brilliant at having helped learners to “express themselves”.

Learners at Morningside Primary
“It allowed me to view the finer detail in artwork”, he said.

An art piece titled “Faces ‘by 13 year old, Dieter Ulrich Kiezer, described people as different.

Lusanda Mkwanazi, 14 years old, described her artwork as choices she makes towards her future.“This workshop was a good idea as it is showing children art and what it means”, she said.

South Africa is rated one of the most beautiful countries in the world, famous for its wildlife.  Dharshani Naidoo did art work on nature and its creatures. He described the peaceful scenery and the beauty of our nation’s creatures.

Mrs Brinda Naidoo, an art teacher to the grade 7 learners felt great positivity towards the art workshop and felt it made a positive effect on the learners.

“I was very impressed with the banner /poem. I more than welcome any form of inspiration that our learners can get”, she said.

Below is the video of the Art and Social Justice workshop that took place at Morningside Primary.

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