Monday, July 30, 2012

Links, tendencies and connections

By Nicole Hodnett
When we think of art we think of Picasso, the great Michael Angelo or the enchanting smile of Mona Lisa.

400 × 507 - Vincent van Gogh'sSelf-Portrait
According to an article written by Brian Rice, art causes people to look a little closer and to observe social issues occurring so frequently in today’s society, the freedom to express and assume freely through art.

When we observe the artists who produce the art, eccentricities are often evident within them. We remember the great Vincent van Gogh who lived a short, deeply tormented life. According to Shelly Essak, he executed a number of self-portraits and had a brief turbulent friendship and veered in and out of madness.

He shot himself on July 27th, 1890, but didn’t die until 2 days later. He died selling one painting in his lifetime.

In today’s society artists express their thoughts on subjects that affect and infect mankind. Art for Humanity is a platform that gives artists and poets the freedom to break silences on what affects them.

She is a Dialogue artist and South African born. Kim Berman was born in Johannesburg in 1981.She completed her Bachelor of Fine arts at the University of Witwatersrand. She lectures at the Fine Arts Department at the University of Johannesburg and is the Director of The Artist Proof Studio in Newtown Johannesburg.

Artist -Kim Berrman
According to an article written by Helen South, television usually portrays artists sitting around in coffee shops having deep and meaningful conversations, swanning about interesting clothes at art galleries or having dramatic nervous breakdowns connected to drugs and alcohol. Most of the time they will be where they need to be and that’s in their studio making art.

According to Mad Science, European scientists are claiming that artistic tendencies may be linked to the same genetic mutation that causes schizophrenia and paranoia.

According to the constitution of South Africa we are all entitled to express our thoughts freely and fairly. In light of today’s society artists expressions of thought have become deeply controversial and often misconstrued.

When it comes to freedom of expression whether it was yesterday, today or tomorrow, an artist and the constitution will always be connected.

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