Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dear AFH Friends and Associates.

AFH sends warm greetings and hopes that you are having a pleasant year thus far.  Please receive our newsletter for the month of July. All comments and letters are welcome.

 Art for Humanity: what is art?

 AFH defines art as that which is created to inspire all of humanity with freedom of expression, the quest for excellence, pride, dignity, and respect for individual rights, reflection and heritage.

In this month’s issue:


Dialogue Among Civilisations Exhibited at Sandton Gallery

Dialogue Among Civilizations                                                      

Johannesburg loves DAC                                                                  

Artwork  by Amodou Kane-Sy and Poem by Marouba Fall                                                                   

Women for Children                                                                                       

Youth Day 2012                                                                                            


Art and Social Justice Workshops                                      

2012 ASJ School Workshops                                                                        

WATCH the Video!                                                                                       

Break the Silence                                                                                           

A Dialogue of Sadness-Rape Article                                                             

General News                                                                                                             

A Burundian Nomad-Article on World Refugee Day                                       

Cedric Nunn Call                   

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Warm Regards,

Thireshni Sanasy & Nicole Hodnett

AFH Media Team

Art for Humanity

(Formerly Artists for Human Rights)

C/o Fine Art

Durban University of Technology

City Campus

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