Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Confidence of Eve

By Nicole Hodnett

Nhlanhla Xaba "AIDS Exodus"
Woodcut 412 x 595mm
When we wake up in the morning knowing all will go well, great or even fantastic. Confidence is the greatest asset we can possess that has the ability to move mountains; Confidence is strength from within the core of our mind, body and soul.

In early biblical times we remember Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. According to a dictionary reference, The Garden of Eden was defined as a biblical earthly paradise inhabited by the first man and women.

It was at the precise moment when Eve offered Adam a bite of the forbidden fruit that showed women as fruit bearers till the end of time.

According to an article written by Rene Wade, confidence is everything. If you don’t have unshakable confidence, then you’ll probably never live your dreams. A lack of confidence means you don’t offer much value as a woman. Confidence is knowing that you have high worth, as well as knowing you have value to add.

Confidence is having the strength and courage to say no in situations of torrid difficulty. It is also standing up for what is right when all forces are against you.

Art for Humanity gives platforms through artists and poets to express topics such as these.

Representation of The Garden of Eden
When we think of the poorest communities in Africa, we think of the Aids epidemic and lack of education. In a place where Education is not widely accessible and the culture of the male dominance still prevails .An unfair playground of the opposite sexes, where aids becomes a big game.

According to Article Alley, women of today are not women of yesterday, they are not just mothers but executives ,Prime Ministers and Presidents of nations.

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