Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Fierce Epidemic
By Nicole Hodnett                             

Dominic Thorburn "Break the Silence" 
Silkscreen print 418 x 598mm
It happened as she laid wide awake at night.Thoughts souring in and out her conscience as she starts to tear up.If only her boyfriend loved her enough to tell her the truth about his status ,if only he loved her enough to use protectection

'If only'

Hiv/Aids has grown to be a fierce academic in the republic of South Africa and if the youth of today fails to be educated enough the future of this beautiful country will be in dire strait.

Statistics of Hiv/Aids are getting fierce, impulsive comments are being thrown at our youth, policemen are pulling the trigger without a second thought and corruption in government is ever so fierce. We ought to fear for the future of this beautiful country.

 It all stems from apartheid. Like the devil in disguise the mind-set of our forefathers still stays etched within the depths of our psyche. Reasons for so much corruption amongst South African citizens today stems from 1 thing, poverty.

Today’s democracy comes with severe responsibility, especially with the youth of today. More and more young people are getting hit with the stigma of Hiv/Aids.

Based on statistics, sample of 32,225 women attending 1,424 antenatal clinics across all nine provinces, the South African Department of Health study estimates that 30.2% of pregnant women (aged 15-49) were living with Hiv in 2010.

South Africa has one of the fastest expanding epidemics in the world.

In our real stories gallery (www.realstoriesgallery.com),an organisation endeavouring to educate society about the Hiv/Aids epidemic that has instated a partnership programme with Art for Humanity.

I spoke to Isabella Malgas, 81, who had a lot to say about the youth of today and during her time.

‘We couldn’t even kiss our boyfriends without going to confession first, everything today is tainted including the food’, she said.

Art for Humanity initiated the Break the Silence Hiv/Aids print in 2000 to instil a greater sense of social morality within the consciousness of our society.

A break the silence artist, Dominic Thorburn expresses the responsibility of halting the horrific Hiv/Aids pandemic and needs to be communally shouldered through emphatic, coordinated and unified national intervention.


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