Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aged 33

By Nicole Hodnett

In light of Women’s Day coming up I met up with one of South Africa’s most inspiring women who took time out of her busy schedule to speak to me about her life.

Her name is Sandra Malgas and she is 48 years old and serves as an Insurance Administrator .She has travelled 12 countries in her lifetime and describes what the value of a women mean to her,

“Women are the creators next to God and they are the backbone of humanity”

She started travelling in August 1997.And at the age of 33 she has the honour of visiting the Holy land.

“I see this as an honour as 33 is the age Jesus walked those exact same lands,’ she said. Her dream in life was to sit at the side of the pool, sipping cocktails and distressing.

She is a member of couples for Christ which is a family based ministry in the Catholic Church .Their aim is by trying to renew the face of the earth.

She believes that Catholics in the Media are often portrayed in a negative life and even when something good does come out, people try tainting it.

Her next destinations were Jerusalem and Galilee. She describes it as a beautiful vision in history and real life. She felt goose bumps the minute the plane landed on what is described as Holy soil.

“This is the place where the passion was relived and it felt very emotional doing the way of the cross, also known as (via-dolorosa) leading up to Calvary.

She describes it as a very highly religious Arab, Christian and Muslim with 1% Christian.

Her next destination was Egypt where she describes women who still dress in their cultural clothing especially in the Muslim community.

“The pyramids are what fascinated me the most, it was too much to comprehend”, she said. She describes Egypt as the ancient old wonder of the world at the centre of modernisation and holds so much sentiment and attraction.

Back in biblical times we remember the story of Moses and the freeing of people from Egypt.

As a Catholic woman she describes the Jordan River, baptism of Jesus, as a very emotional experience especially when she place her feet in it.

“It is symbolised as the cleansing of original sin “she said.

In light of women’s month we honour ordinary women that do extraordinary things.

There will be a follow up on the rest of her travels, stay tuned!!

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