Monday, January 14, 2013

 Poem by Anietie Isong 
  A Simple Life
“Noises on my wall “Digital Print  650mmx440mm

I am a woman who just wants to live a simple life.
I am a simple woman who just wants to live a simple life.
He was conceived in May.
Perhaps his father was the
junjaweed who sliced my left ear.
Or the peacekeeping  soldier whose teeth were the colour of rotten pear.
Maybe the boy’s father was even the frail aid worker
who cried: “Forgive me, it’s this war. Pray, let it be over!”
He was born in January.
I dug his grave, and lowered him in tenderly.
The baby cried. I cried:
“Forgive me, dear. It’s the bloody war. Oh, Lord I’ve tried!”
His elegy is engraved on my heart:
‘Here lies a child of many fathers, a child of Darfur, a child of hurt.’
Let the rains fall, oh Lord, let it fall.
Let the flood wash away the sins, the blood.
Here I am at your doorstep, in search of refuge.
An immigrant, not a piece of refuse.
Please, let me come in.  Let me stay.
It will be well with you household, I pray

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