Monday, January 14, 2013

A Gemini of Colours
By Nicole Bernadette Hodnett

She describes herself as a “Gemini” through and through. Sabelo Zama Guliwe was born in Ladysmith on June 3rd 1987.Being recently accepted into the Bachelor of Technology for Fine Art, she talks about her experiences as an art intern at an international human rights organisation in Durban and her recent exhibition that took place at the Durban University of Technology ,City Campus.

Interview with Sabelo Zama Guliwe-3rd Year Fine Art Student

1 Tell me of your activities in the morning before your exhibition?
I had excitement that exceeded boundaries that morning. All my thoughts were on perfecting my 
appearance before the big hour approached.

2 Describe your art?
I was dealing with geometric shapes and line, by use of simplicity in colour and concept.

3 Where do you see yourself in a few years?
I see myself as a gallery collector of art

4 Who inspired you to do art?

My mother inspired me to do fine art as my first choice was fashion and she was worried I wouldn't get a job.

5 What’s your favourite colour?
My favourite colours are blue as we are surrounded by “Blue skies” and the colour black as it symbolises power.

6 Describe you artistic journey?
My inspiration comes from home and I am fascinated by the way houses are made, cities are just tall buildings. Everything 

Durban City-Scape
Artist Statement
The aim of this artwork is to create an installation of  tiles that are simple in line, shape and colour. My work is inspired by Piet Mondrian, he contributed to the De Stijl art movement during the early 1900s. His work consisted of geometric lines (vertical and horizontal) and primary colours, which are colours that created others. The element of line is brought into my work in order to create a continuous mark, as if one is walking in the city and being surrounded by buildings. These lines will continue to my final exhibition, where line will create a feeling of oneness or one piece made from individual pieces.

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