Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Freedom from Discrimination

Freedom from Discrimination:  A right vital to us all! 
A documentary by BBC news, looking back on the "beginning of the end of apartheid"  20 years after Nelson Mandela was released from prison.  

Universal Deceleration of Human Rights International Print Portfolio:

Article 2: Freedom from Discrimination

Yeda Maria Correa De Oliveira "For a Human World" (Brazil
320 x 475mm aquatint 607 x 428mm paper size

Artist statement: Yeda Maria Correa De Oliveira 

Regardless of colour, sex and creed, all people are entitled to a decent life, which is beyond equality in employment, medical care and leisure.
Above economic and social rights, every human being on this earth has the right, to have his / her dignity protected and preserved but that will not be achieved until ethnocentrism and imperialism and sexism are swept off the planet. Until then, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will not be fully understood

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