Thursday, April 21, 2011

March/April 2011 Newsletter

Dear AFH Friends and Associates.

AFH hopes that all of our subscribers are having a wonderful 2011.  Please receive our first exciting and eventful newsletter of the year.

Art for Humanity: what is art?

AFH defines art as that which is created to inspire all of humanity with freedom of expression, the quest for excellence, pride, dignity, and respect for individual rights, reflection and heritage. In this month’s issue:

 Dialogue among Civilizations News
-         Dialogue Among Civilizations Catalogue
-         Dialogue Among Civilizations blog
-         Leeds:  Bruce Rimmel’s New Book

Women for Children News
- International Women’s Day

Break the Silence News
-        -   STD/Condom Week 2011

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
-         -   UDHR Exhibition

General News
-         Art and Social Justice Conference 2011
-         School Banner Workshops featured in Greater Good SA
-         Human Rights Day 21 March 2011
-         Durban University of Technology Hosts “Time of the Writer” Seminar

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Warm Regards,
 Thireshni Sanasy
AFH Media Manager

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