Thursday, September 2, 2010

Real Stories Gallery

By Angelica Mannie

“Art for Humanity announces this important partnership with Real Stories Gallery, a global arts based initiative with the common objective of inspiring HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness in all. We firmly belief that science and technology can only be of benefit to humanity when developed and applied within the context and recognition of Culture, Human Rights and Social Justice, and the arts provide still the most important vehicle for sustainable social transformation,” said Jordaan

RSG focuses on the HIV/AIDS epidemic and artists are invited to contribute art work with an accompanying narrative based on HIV/AIDS. The art work contributed to Real Stories gallery can be for exhibition purposes only or can be put on sale. AFH has proudly uploaded artwork and accompanying poetry from the Women for Children portfolio, PIMA Print Portfolio, UDHR International Print Portfolio and of course the Break the Silence portfolio’s onto the RSG site. Certain individual prints are available for purchase from the portfolio’s, whilst others are only available as a full portfolio and for those who want to view but not purchase, the Women for Children portfolio for example is only on exhibition.

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