Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School Inspired by Art Workshop...

By Thireshni Sanasy

AFH hosted its first School Banner workshop for the year at Ogwini Technical High School in Umlazi. The workshops which consist of AFH team members (artists and poets) heading to the schools and teaching the learners about creativity through art and poetry, proved to be an absolute success at Ogwini Technical High School.

Nqobile Mbambo presenting his work.

The class which consisted of +/- 40 grade 11 and 12 learners was throughout the workshop exciting and creative. Students were not only attentive when AFH Director Jan Jordaan spoke to them, but also were inspired by the words of poet, Topaz, who showed them that art comes in many different forms. Many of the students agreed that the workshops are beneficial and in the little time given had shown them how to bring out their own creativity and learn about not only art but poetry aswel. Grade 11 learner, Nqobile Mbambo said, “I think that this workshop is very supporting towards the learners it helps us so that we can show our talent and also so that we can get more opportunities in the art industry.”

AFH had also previously placed a banner on the schools building. The banner showcased an art piece by Gabisile Nkosi called "Sisterhood" and poem “Dancing with Angels” by Mavis Smallberg. 
Gabilisile Nkosi's "Dancing With Angels"
When Director, Jan Jordaan spoke to the learners about the art piece, many became so engrossed in the unfortunate story of Women Abuse, that during the workshop they decided to draw and write about the tribulations that Women still face today. Grade 12 learner, Boysie Bhengu said, “My inspiration for my own art piece came from the art on the banner, my art piece shows a single mother who raised her child with no help, all alone, and how painfully she has been abused, where she was left unmarried with a child. Her tears show the sadness and pain she feels. My poem is based on my drawing and I really appreciate everything I have learnt in this workshop today.”

When the learners had complete their drawing and poetry they took to the floor, to show the rest of the class what they had drawn and read out their poetry. The AFH team members watched in awe as these young students showed how talented they are, and how inspiration from one art piece can lead to so many other unique pieces.

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